Our services cover the following sectors: banking, financial, agribusiness, catering, industrial, construction, call centers, health services, computer assistance, insurance, energy, transportation, telecommunications and tourism.



Only the best for your clients. We supply our client full expertise for customer service in order for them to maximize their client satisfaction. Also we provide our services in multilingual including also all metric of satisfaction of your client NPS, CSAT

  • General information
  • Billing information
  • Account management
  • Complaint management
  • Appointment setting
  • Inquiry Handling

To support your  dreams ,  we offers you a full range of technical support options to assist you in making the most of your Business Services.

  • Help desk (Level I & II )

Every organization is unique and its customers have specific requirements. That’s why our inbound answering service doesn’t offer standard solutions. We develop specific approach to matching your industry. You can be sure that agents managing incoming calls provide your clients with accurate information and suggest the most suitable solution to their issues.

  • Order processing
  • Up and cross sell
  • Order taking



Our social media advertising service has proved essential to accelerate growth. By advertising on social networks, 100% of our customers have seen results.

  • Lead generation
  • Survey collection
  • Customer follow- up
  • Search Engine Optimization and SEM

Collection services are our company’s specialty and main line of business. At Intervoice Fusion we deliver receivable management solutions on a national basis that are customized and based on the needs of the clients that we partner with. We partner with a variety of key credit grantors in various industry segments including financial institutions, government, telecommunications, utilities, post secondary educational institutions, commercial, health and insurance.



we develop a set of services and metrics that are most suitable for your case. We perform integration and launch the project. We monitor the results, contact you, and adjust the process if necessary.

  • Up and cross sell
  • Outbound sales

Business Mangement and Development

Big Data

Large and small businesses can benefit from our data entry outsourcing services. A significant increase of your business results and cost-cutting are just a few amazing benefits that you receive with us. Our company is one of the leading data entry outsourcing companies able to boost your business performance.

  • Data entry
  • Database reconciliation

Our company is a cross functional service where you can easily fulfill your data entry, data processing and conversion requirements. With years of experience in providing personalized services to our customers, we can meet your needs at the highest level. We guarantee quality, fast turnaround and complete cooperation with you.

  • Document handling
  • Translation


  • Order verification and confirmation

Our team will assist you  for all your technical infrastructure.

  • Network Wiring Installation
  • Virtualization of Applications
  • Computer Server
  • Working Stations

We offer a team of multilingual auditor trained according to the ISO 9000 standards who can  take charge of your calls. We also support the development of the evaluation structure and provide assistance in training your teams on international quality standards. We also offer an audit system for the validation of different aspects. The criteria even if you have not established them yet. Our expertise is there to assist you so that we can establish them and set up the validation methodology.


Business Process Outsourcing

Our specialists know essentials of business process outsourcing and always keep track of the latest practices in this sphere. Before building a winning strategy for your company, they make a detailed analysis of your customers’ needs and conduct research depending on your requirements. We strive to treat your business as our own and provide you with BPO business process outsourcing solutions that work.

  • Photo Retouching
  • Digital Transcription
  • Lead Generation
  • E-commerce tagging
  • Data Research

We develop training for your employees. An ongoing support channel is set up to ensure that the integration process is carried out.

Content Moderation

The core of our moderation service is helping your brand or website gain a positive reputation. We monitor the submissions and define whether the content is acceptable or not.


Social media moderation services (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums);

  • Social media monitoring services;
  • Social media content management services;
  • Audience engagement.



Keep your data secure, whether at rest or on the move, on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Software security
  • Security camera