Good people skills

Our team expressing this by the ability to listen, to communicate and to relate to others on a personal or professional level. Good people skills also extend to include problem-solving abilities, empathy for others and a willingness to work together toward the common good. Great customer service is the holy grail of business. Once you have […]

Active listening

One of the best tools that lead you to get success with our customers and clients. The Basics The sense that we are not being listened to is one of the most frustrating feelings imaginable. Toddlers scream about it, teenagers move out, couples split up, companies breakdown. One of the main reasons this breakdown in […]

Problem resolution

No resolution without process! Identify the issues-Understand everyone’s interests-List the possible solutions -Evaluate the options-Document the agreement-Agree on contingencies, monitoring, and evaluation. Guide to Problem Solving Problem solving―finding solutions―is a creative process that usually starts with a perceived need or operational problem. Whether we are faced with a problem in our area of responsibility or […]


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Welcome to Intervoice fusion

Here, we focus on a range of items and features that we use in life without giving them a second thought.

About US

Intervoice Fusion became a strong leader in the industry by focusing on the three elements key to our success: people, people and people.
No wonder we have the best employee retention and the highest employee satisfaction in the industry. And that’s how we deliver great service to our clients!
Our business is all about people helping people.

Location : Caribbean, Madagascar, Salvador.

Vanessa Belmond (General manager & acquisition)

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About US


Our services cover the following sectors: banking, financial, agribusiness, catering, industrial, construction, call centers, health services, computer assistance, insurance, energy, transportation, telecommunications and tourism.


Quality Insurance

We offer an audit system for the validation of different aspects. The criteria even if you have not established them yet. Our expertise is there to assist you so that we can establish them and set up the validation methodology.



We develop training for your employees. An ongoing support channel is set up to ensure that the integration process is carried out.


Customer service

Only the best for your clients. We supply our client full expertise for customer service in order for theme to maximize their client satisfaction. Also we provide our services in multilingual including also all metric of satisfaction of your client NPS, CSAT .




Arthur Duvilier






Bob Peter


Monique Golbert

Acquisition & Campaign integration Manager 


Project 2508

Sondage , company

Project 1397

Startup , build complete infrastructure

Project 2202

Smart security solution , for  Texaco SA


Our team of inspectors and quality control agents will assist your team. No matter what sector you are Technological, Industrial, Construction, Call center. We will build with you a model of validation and continuous production supervision that will allow you to be the lead of the competition.

Inspector and quality


The Deadly Poison Sarin Was Detected in a Mailbag at Facebook’s Offices in California July 2, 2019

The Deadly Poison Sarin Was Detected in a Mailbag at Facebook’s Offices in California

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The deadly poison sarin has been detected at a mail facility for Facebook in Menlo Park, California, prompting building evacuations and FBI involvement. On Monday, routine tests for sarin detected the presence of the substance in a mailbag at the social-media tech firm’s offices, a Menlo Park Fire Department (MPFD) official told Business Insider. The […]

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Why Messaging Is the Future of Market Research July 2, 2019

Why Messaging Is the Future of Market Research

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I recently rented a car to explore Hawaii with my family. A few days after returning the vehicle to the rental company, a survey popped up in my inbox. I had a great experience, so I thought I’d do the car-rental company a favor and give them my feedback. While the first question was straightforward […]

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How Your Company Can Use Both Outsourced and In-House Marketing July 2, 2019

How Your Company Can Use Both Outsourced and In-House Marketing

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I run a marketing agency, yet I’m the first to say that outsourcing all your marketing is probably the wrong move. For many companies, an in-house marketing team is the best option, and outsourcing marketing should only be done for special projects. However, having a full-time marketing team isn’t a luxury all midsize companies can afford. However, without […]

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How to Apply Lean Principles to Your Startup’s Productivity and Time Management May 18, 2019

How to Apply Lean Principles to Your Startup’s Productivity and Time Management

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If you’ve recently launched a startup, I’m sure that you’ve heard a lot about being “lean.” But I’m not here to discuss the methodology popularized by the likes of Eric Ries. The lean principles from a Toyota exec. I’m actually writing about the term and concept of “lean” that was originally developed by Toyota executive Taiichi […]

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Here’s How to Know When You Should Outsource May 18, 2019

Here’s How to Know When You Should Outsource

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These days, outsourcing helps companies of all sizes shore up skills gaps in their teams, boost efficiency and sharpen their focus. And companies that opt to outsource won’t be at a loss for qualified candidates. More than one in three workers in the U.S. freelance, according to Betterment’s 2018 “Gig Economy and the Future of Retirement” report, […]

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Don’t Bother Tackling These 5 Business Functions Yourself May 18, 2019

Don’t Bother Tackling These 5 Business Functions Yourself

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Outsourcing isn’t a new trend — but what and why companies are outsourcing is changing. In its 2018 Global Outsourcing Survey, Deloitte went so far as to describe traditional outsourcing, such as moving manufacturing overseas, as “dead.” In its place, the report showed, “disruptive outsourcing” is on the rise. What, exactly, is disruptive outsourcing? It’s a form […]

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